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Terms of Use

Personal Information

Higher Heights Outreach Ministry does not collect any personal information from you automatically. The only way we currently receive personal information is if you send it to us through e-mail or through signing up for our newsletter. We do not share, rent, or sell your personal information to anyone.

User Content

User Content is considered any communication you may have with the Higher Heights Outreach Ministry. For example, you may e-mail us your suggestions or request our newsletter. Higher Heights Outreach Ministrymay collect User Content, but we will not share, rent, or sell this information.

Opt-In Data

Higher Heights Outreach Ministry also collects opt-in data. Opt-in data simply means that if you decide to receive one of our online newsletters, or complete an online survey, we will track which features you have opted to participate in. This information may be used in aggregate and does not personally identify you. Opt-in data helps us tailor content to our readers' needs.

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